Does anyone contact me to let me know about regalia, Commencement, etc.?


The student must complete the Graduation Confirmation by the participation deadline in March. The student should order regalia at that time. Regalia orders will be cross-checked against received Graduation Confirmations.  Once it is verified that the student who placed their regalia order has filled out the Graduation Confirmation, the Commencement Coordinator will send a memo to all those who qualify with next steps.  Those who did not complete the necessary confirmation will be contacted to let them know it has not been received at the Registrar's Office.  All commencement information is listed in CMConnect, under the "Students" tab then under "Graduation and Commencement."  Please remember to check this frequently.  Please note: Students cannot participate in Commencement if they have a balance on their account.
Students who graduate in the Summer and Fall terms receive a notice with their diplomas advising them to monitor for Commencement announcements and regalia ordering instructions in the Spring.