Log into CMConnect and click the "Students" tab. You will see "Academic Information" listed in the left column.  Once you open this tab, your Academic Advisor and degree/certificate program should also be listed there.  Some students might see multiple names listed.  The first name listed in your primary Advisor.  The second name listed is generally the department chairperson of your program.  Students can also contact The Learning and Advising Center (LAC) for further assistance.  LAC representatives may be reached at 207-755-5380 or drop by Jalbert Hall, suite 409.
To contact your Academic Advisor, scroll down on the student's tab and click "Campus Directory," then click the "Search" button and type your Academic Advisor's last name.  Once you have identified your Academic Advisor on the list, the blue "i" next to the name once clicked will provide you with their contact information.

Students should contact their assigned Academic Advisor directly to make arrangements to complete this process.  Please note:  It is the student's responsibility to submit the Graduation confirmation by the deadline, not the academic advisor.

The degree audit is generated in CMConnect based on the catalog requirements of the program in which you are enrolled.  There might be a course number change as part of an update for example, in which the computer system would not recognize the new course code, or it could be that a course substitution approval was not noted on your academic record. These are just a few of the reasons why students are asked to meet with their assigned academic advisor to ensure your requirements and substitutions are verified. Once done, the student should log into CM Connect and fill out the Graduation Confirmation AND use the link to order regalia (cap and gown). Students with questions about this should begin by asking their academic advisor and/or program department chair.

Can I march in May, even though I am graduating in another term?

Students who have graduated the previous August, December and May graduation points may participate in commencement provided they have already met all their degree requirements, or they are registered for the necessary remaining courses.
Students who have filed a Request to Graduate form but have more than 6 credits outstanding in their program requirements and are not registered for these requirements in the next semester must seek permission to participate in Commencement from the Dean of Academic Affairs.


Students who have filed a Request to Graduate form but have more than 6 credits outstanding in their program requirements and are not registered for these requirements in the next semester must seek permission to participate in Commencement from the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Does anyone contact me to let me know about regalia, Commencement, etc.?


The student must complete the Graduation Confirmation by the participation deadline in March. The student should order regalia at that time. Regalia orders will be cross-checked against received Graduation Confirmations.  Once it is verified that the student who placed their regalia order has filled out the Graduation Confirmation, the Commencement Coordinator will send a memo to all those who qualify with next steps.  Those who did not complete the necessary confirmation will be contacted to let them know it has not been received at the Registrar's Office.  All commencement information is listed in CMConnect, under the "Students" tab then under "Graduation and Commencement."  Please remember to check this frequently.  Please note: Students cannot participate in Commencement if they have a balance on their account.
Students who graduate in the Summer and Fall terms receive a notice with their diplomas advising them to monitor www.cmcc.edu for Commencement announcements and regalia ordering instructions in the Spring.
For the purpose of wearing honors cords at Commencement, students must meet the cumulative GPA requirements listed below:
  • Honors- 3.30 to 3.599 received one honor cord.
  • High Honors- 3.600 to 3.899 receives two honor cords.
  • President's Honors- 3.900 to 4.000 received two honor cords.
The calculation of the Commencement GPA does not include spring semester grades, since these have not yet been posted.
A final calculation of students' GPAs will be made after the spring semester grades are posted.  This calculation will determine the display of honors on the student's final transcripts.
If you have any questions about the honors policy, please contact the Registrar's Office at 207-755-5292 or registrar@cmcc.edu.
No, it is not required however it is encouraged as it is a time to celebrate the importance of your academic accomplishments with classmates, family and friends.
While it is not required, it is strongly recommended that you attend the graduation information session as this is when final ceremony instructions are given.  CMCC does not hold a rehearsal.  This is your only opportunity to get this information prior to the ceremony. 
Can someone else pick up my regalia for me?
Please see above.  If you cannot pick up regalia for yourself, alternative arrangements may be made with the Registrar's Office.
The Commencement ceremony's length varies on the number of participants.  Students should plan for approximately an hour and a half to two hours for the ceremony.  This does not include the line-up and preparation time prior to the 6:00 pm start.