David Gonyea- Housing Director

Dave Gonyea serves as the Director of Housing at CMCC. Dave also serves as the Director of Security, Director of Athletics and Men's Varsity Basketball coach. He resides on campus and oversees campus security and housing operations. He is supported in this role by two full-time live in resident directors (RD) and eight resident assistants (RA).
He can be reached at (207) 755-5251 or by email at dgonyea@cmcc.edu.


The Resident Directors (RD) is a full-time professional who manages the day-to-day operations of Residential Life. The RD's are there to help students succeed at college. The RDs supervise and coordinate the RAs. The RDs enforces rules and helps students understand the way housing works. The RDs are there for every student at any time.


Amos Bickford- Resident Director 


Amos oversees Fortin Hall and the Apartments. If you like to contact him with questions regarding housing, please call (207)755-5351, or email him at abickford@cmcc.edu. Amos graduated from CMCC with a Life Science Associates degree moving on to his Bachelors degree with a focus in Biology.

Mackenzie Houghton- Resident Director

Mackenzie oversees Rancourt Hall. If you like to contact her with questions regarding housing, please call (207)755-5156, or email her at mhoughton@cmcc.edu. Mackenzie graduated from CMCC with a Business Administration and Management Associates degree and is now a licensed cosmetologist.





Resident Assistant:
The Resident Assistant, (a.k.a. RA), is a full-time student. RAs have typically lived in the residence halls for at least a year and have been through some of the things that new students will go through. The RAs have been carefully selected and trained in such areas as peer counseling, activity programming, substance abuse, and other areas necessary for the job. RAs are not cops, parents, therapists or social directors. RAs are in a position to help enforce the rules and most importantly help the students adjust and get along during the year. These people enjoy working with others and have taken this role in order to help people. Rules are necessary and RAs must enforce them in order to keep their job and continue to pay for their education. When you arrive, please give the RAs the respect they deserve. They work hard to help you. Please work hard to help them.