Q: How do I apply for Housing?

There is a separate application for housing than the one used to apply to the College. We recommend you apply as soon as possible. We receive many more applicants than we can house, but we also see quite a lot of turnover in our waiting list as the summer passes.  If you do not know anyone coming to CM, The Residence Hall Application requests basic information that will be used to match roommates. It is recommended to fill out the back listing your hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc. This application and $100 deposit save your spot. Eligible students who submit complete application packets (paperwork & $100 housing deposit) are assigned to residence hall spaces on a first come, first served basis until the halls are full. Then they are assigned in that order to the appropriate waiting list (male or female) and may be housed in a nearby hotel. Students on the waiting list will be contacted when a space is available for them up to and including the first week or so of class, until the waiting list is exhausted. Every year is different, and the Housing and Residence Life Staff has no way to accurately guess what the likelihood that an individual number will come up on the waiting list. 


Q: How many Residence Halls are there on campus?

CMCC offers 3 residence halls to provide on-campus accommodations for approximately 250 students. Our student population is approximately 50% male and 50% female. Students must maintain full time enrollment (12 credits) to reside in the residence halls. Choosing to live on campus is a smart choice for CM students because they get the full college experience. It is convenient in the winter time, saves on gas and wear-and-tear on a vehicle, we offer great activities to housing students and it is a safe environment for all, and offers beautiful views of Auburn Lake.


Rancourt Hall:

Rancourt Hall, which opened in the fall of 2007, has all the newest amenities and comforts of living at home.  This co-ed building is designed for optimum privacy and intended to create an environment conducive for academic learning.

Each room is designed for two students and has two beds, two desks, two armoires, cable tv, and Wi-Fi & broadband internet. An adjoining double room is connected by a spacious bathroom with separate shower and toilet stalls, a large mirror and double sinks.

The building has its own laundry facilities, vending machines, and small lounge area with a TV.  The fourth floor has a function room called “Treetops”, available for building gatherings, activities and events. The fourth floor is also the 24-hour quiet floor. A full time Resident Director resides on the first floor of this building and supervises and monitors the security of the facility.


Fortin Hall:

The first residence hall built on campus, Fortin Hall underwent major improvements in the summer of 2010.  New furniture was installed in all the rooms, the walls were repainted, and carpets and ceilings were replaced.   

Fortin Hall can house 60 students with living space on the second, third, and fourth floors. Each double room has twin beds, two armoires, two desks, cable tv, and Wi-Fi & broadband internet.  The first floor houses a full time resident director, a lounge, and a game room that includes two pool tables, a ping pong table, foosball, etc.  A laundry room is available in the basement of the building.  Fortin Hall is known as a major “gathering place” on campus for our resident students.


The Apartments:

CM has two apartment complexes (built in 1975) with 10- four person apartments available for 40 students.  Each apartment has four individual rooms, a common living room and bathroom/shower unit.  Four to six people share this living space.  Each room has a twin bed, an armoire, a desks, cable tv, and Wi-Fi & broadband internet.  These rooms are usually sold in group of four to six. 


Q: Are the Residence Halls co-ed?

Rancourt Hall and the apartments are Co-Ed and Fortin is our all male dorm. Being more specific, co-ed to us means a male and female cannot share an apartment, bedroom, or be connected by bathroom in Rancourt, but they may be your next door or across the hall neighbor. 


Q: How is a roommate chosen for me? Can I choose my own roommate?

Students may request a specific person as a roommate.  If you do not know anyone coming to CM, The Residence Hall Application requests basic information that will be used to match roommates. It is recommended to fill out the back listing your hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc. If you arrive to CM and don’t think you and your roommate will work out, we can change you right away. We recommend waiting the first week because students are nervous and it may take a while to break the ice. During this time, you may also make friends that you could want to room with. Students are not to switch room keys or move rooms without informing the RDs and RAs.  


Q: Does everyone have a roommate?

With the large population of incoming dorm students it is typical that everyone will get a roommate the fall semester. It is likely more space will open up in the spring and a student may have a single.


Q: What about housing for second year students?

Second year students are given first choice on their roommate and selecting the building and room they would like to reside in. Second year students reserve their spot and make their selections by filling out the 2nd Year Re-application form.


Q: Is there a curfew? What about guests?

There is no curfew for resident students; they may come and go at their leisure. Guests are welcome with the permission of all the roommates and must be escorted by their resident host at all times. After 5:30 pm on weekdays and 3:00pm on weekends, guests must be signed in at the RA desks. Guests staying 9:00pm or later are considered overnight guests. Overnight guests are permitted with the permission of the roommate but may only stay for two nights in a seven day period. Guests under 18 must have permission by their parent/guardian by a phone conversation with the RD. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests and must escort their guests whenever they are in the building, including when in the resident’s room. Guests are not allowed to carry the resident’s room/building keys. Residents are responsible for their guest’s actions. If incidents occur, residents may lose their guest privileges.


Q: What about my meals?

When you sign up for housing, the meal plan is automatically included. A student uses his/her student ID card for payment at the register. Each student has $22 a day during the week (plenty for a hot breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack) and about $22 on the weekends (prices vary from year to year). We also recommend dorm students getting the $100 overage so that if you go over your daily amount, you don’t have to take that change out of your pocket. This also gives the students money to stock up on drinks or snacks for their dorm room. When your card is swiped, your balance will show up on the bottom of your receipt.

A kitchen (with stove, oven, full size fridge, and sink) is available for student use and is located in Fortin Hall.


Q: When do the Residence Halls close for vacations/breaks?

The residence halls close for the following breaks: Thanksgiving, winter, and Spring Break. All students must leave the residence halls for those breaks but may leave their stuff.


Q: How do I get mail and packages?

All mail is locked in the RA office you can pick it up at the RA desks/office Monday-Friday 5:30pm-12am and Saturday and Sundays 3pm-12am.


Q: What is my mailing address?

Student Name

Central Maine Community College Name of Hall, Room Number

1250 Turner Street

Auburn, ME 04210


Q: What are the Room and Board charges?

Please check the Tuition and Fees section of the web site for up to date charges.


Q:  My GPA is below 2.0, can I still live on campus?

Students who do not have a 2.0 cumulative GPA and who have appealed are routinely admitted to the residence halls with conditions. These students are placed on an Academic Probation, Suspension, etc. Students who submit a GPA appeal are placed in the residence halls or on the waiting list based on the date and permission of the Academic Dean’s office.


Q: What is your policy on alcohol and drugs?

The Maine Community College System Code of Conduct applies to all students at CMCC. There is a zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs on campus, including in the residence halls, regardless of a student’s age. The Code also prohibits students from being on campus while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, regardless of a student’s age. It is considered possession by consumption. Students who violate these policies are subject to sanctions for violating this portion of the Residence Hall Agreement and/or charges under the Student Code of Conduct. Students are responsible for and can also be charged for conduct violations or contract violations due to the behavior of their guests.  Sanctions vary depending on the circumstances surrounding a particular violation but can be punitive.  Violations of the Residence Hall Agreement or the Student Code of Conduct can lead to dismissal from the residence halls and/or the College.


Q: Can I smoke in my room?

Smoking is not allowed in the residence halls or any College building exit or walkway. 


Q: What are the rules of guest sign in?

If all information is not filled out legibly and complete, including FIRST and LAST names, the guest is not technically signed in and may be asked to leave. Also the host of the guest may lose their privilege to have guests visit. 

All Overnight Guest must be signed in and have an overnight form filled out by 9:00pm or they will not be allowed to stay over. 

Each host is allowed to have 2 overnights a week

Each guest is allowed to stay 2 overnights a week


All Guests must Sign in when they arrive and

all Day Guests must sign out when they depart.

All Day Guests must be out by 9:00pm. 



Q: Can I bring my stereo, computer?

Yes, you may bring a stereo and a computer, an IPOD, gaming system, etc.  We also recommend headphones in the event that your roommate(s) and/or neighbors are trying to sleep or study while you are using these devices.


Q: What items shouldn't I bring to the Residence Halls?

Candles, incense, Halogen lamps, microwaves, toasters, hot pots, electric skillets, etc. are not allowed in Residence Hall rooms because they are fire hazards. Pets are also not allowed (including fish). In addition, any container that previously held an alcoholic beverage is prohibited as these containers are viewed as evidence of consumption.  Please see the Residence Life Guide and recommended things to bring for more information. A more extensive list of prohibited items may be found there.


Q: Are pets allowed in the Residence Halls?

There are no pets allowed in the residence halls. Pets that are found will be immediately removed in less than 24 hours and appropriate castigatory actions will be taken.


Q: Can I bring a refrigerator? Microwave?

Mini-fridges are allowed. Our general rule is waist high (4.6 cu ft) or smaller. The apartments come furnished with mini fridge and microwave in their living room. Microwaves are not allowed in the dorm rooms because we have them located in the common areas of Rancourt and Fortin for student use. There is also a full size refrigerator for temporary storage while cooking in the kitchen (located in Fortin Hall).


 Q: Do I have cable TV? What about internet service?

Rooms are equipped with cable TV (one jack per room, student provides the TV and the coaxial cable) and Wi-Fi/broadband internet. When you log on to the housing Wi-Fi there is a screen you enter your student ID number and cmconnect password this will allow you to be on the housing Wi-Fi. As a backup, we have broadband internet (in which you would need to have your own Ethernet cord).


 CMCC Housing

What should I bring?



14 sets of underwear

14 pairs of socks (more if you play sports)

5 pairs of pants/jeans

14 shirts/blouses

2 sets of sweats


Slippers and/or flip-flops

2 sweaters

Light/heavy jackets


1 pair of boots

2 pairs of sneakers or comfortable walking shoes

1 set of business-casual clothes

1 pair of dress shoes

1 swimsuit




Bedside/Desk lamp

Alarm clock/clock radio

Garbage Can

Storage Bins


Bulletin Board/Dry erase board/Calendar

Yellow sticky-tak to hang pictures, posters




Laptop/Desktop computer


Ethernet Cord

Extension cord/powerstrip

Music/ MP3 plyer






Sheets and pillowcases (twin extended but twin size works)
Mattress pad
Clothes hangers
Laundry bag/basket
Laundry detergent, fabric softner, stain remover
Sewing kit



Vitamins, antacid, asprin

Band-aids, etc

Shower tote

Shampoo & conditioner

Hair products

Bath and face soap

Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss


Tweezers, nailclippers

Hair dryerrazor/shaving cream


Cotton swabs & Q-Tips

(Toiletpaper is provided)





Sports equipment




Stapler & staples


Pens and pencils











Stamps and envelopes




Small refridgerator
Other furniture or decorations
Rugs, carpets





Cleaning supplies

Food storage containers (micowavable)



Q: What is there to do on campus for fun?

Resident Assistants and Student Life staff plan activities for students who live in the halls. RAs plan movie nights, hall council, bowling, rollerblading, dances, game nights, trips to hockey and baseball games, holiday parties, dodgeball, and much more! We try to host an activity every single night! Calendars are displayed with the month’s upcoming activities. Students who live in the residence halls are encouraged to get involved in these activities or other campus clubs including our great athletics program! New ideas for activities are always welcome!


Q: Does CM have a fitness center or gym?

We are proud to offer our brand new fitness facility! The fitness center includes access to students, with a swipe of their card to a cardio room with treadmills, elliptical, rowing machines, bikes, etc., a weight room with free weights and assisted weights, a stretch room/class room that holds classes like Zumba, Kick-boxing, group power, yoga, etc. and our gymnasium to shoot some hoops or hold athletic practices.


Q:  What Athletics does CM offer? Why should I live on campus as a student athlete?

Our Athletic department offers Men and Women’s JV and Varsity Basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, golf, bowling, cheering, Men's Lacrosse and are always expanding our horizons! Living on campus makes it much easier to get to athletic events, games, practices & be a dedicated part of the team! Check out the athletic link on the CMCC website. If you aren’t athletic, you can still get involved by helping plan the events, admission, snack stand, etc. or become a member of our ZOO CREW to cheer on our teams!


Q: What is a Resident Assistant, how do I become one?

A Resident Assistant is a full time student who has been selected and trained in areas of peer counseling, activity programming, college policies and other topics to assist in helping you. They serve as primary resources to voice concerns or go to in a time of crisis. The RA job is 24/7. We take pride in our RAs and have been described more different than any other college. RAs have desk hours (Rancourt, Rounds and Fortin). RAs receive free room and board in exchange for their hard work and dedication. RAs are placed one per floor in the buildings. Announcements are made in the spring semester for openings for RA positions for the following academic year.