The Mustang Fitness Center is here to help you and those around you live and make healthier lifestyle choices. We are the hidden gem located in Kirk Hall on the campus of Central Maine Community College!

If you currently attend or are a faculty member, the use of the Mustang Fitness Center is FREE for you, and we encourage you to take advantage of this amazing benefit your college offers.

If you are a member of the community, then look no further and you’ll see exactly why we are the best around and offer the most services at affordable prices. For pricing, please click on the Personal Training and Group Exercise Tab located on the left side of your screen!

***For information regarding Strength & Conditioning packages for teams/individuals, please visit our Strength & Conditioning Tab!



We offer a variety of equipment to suit your exercise needs: 

  • Cardio Roomà Treadmills, Arc Trainers, Ellipticals, Recumbent Upright Bikes, & Rowing Machines, Selectorize Machines
  • Weight Roomà Free Weights, Kettlebells, Slamballs, Medicine Balls, Plyo Boxes, Squat Racks, Benches, Physioballs, Slideboard, Resistance Bands, and more.

We want all who use the facility to feel welcomed and because of this we have created an environment filled with students, faculty, and community that are always helpful and kind. Everyone has their individual health and fitness goals and we recognize that everyone is on their own journey. With this, we ask all facility users to follow these simple rules…..

  • Students/Facility/Staff/Community members MUST check in with school I.D                             
  • Every new person must have an orientation. 
  • All members and participants are responsible for their personal property (locks are available when exchanged with ID)
  • Street shoes are not allowed in the gym. Gravel & dirt on street shoes can damage cardio equipment and the special flooring in the gym. Please bring gym sneakers in separately, and change into the once you get into Kirk Hall. NO open toe footwear
  • Proper Gym attire is required
  • NO food in the facility (water/Sports drinks are allowed)
  • Please be respectful to other members (re-rack weights, no swearing or crude language, wipe down equipment after use etc.)
  • Ask fitness staff for a spot/help or if you have any questions regarding technique or form.


Gym & Group Ex. Schedules

***Current 2020 Fitness Center Schedule (Updated 1/17/2020)***

Monday-Thursday 5:30 AM --> 8:00 PM

Friday- 5:30 AM --> 5:00 PM

Saturday- 7:30 AM--> 12:00 PM


***Current 2020 Group Exercise Schedule (Updated 1/17/2020)***

1. Zumba--> Monday--> 6:15pm-7:15pm / Wednesday--> 7:00pm-8:00pm (With Jenn)

2. Zumba--> Thursday--> 4:00pm-5:00pm (With Bonnie)

3. Zumba Toning--> Tuesday--> 5:35pm-6:35pm (With Bonnie)

4. In & Out Conditioning--> Tuesdays & Thursdays--> 8:00am-9:00am (With Alex)

5. PiYo--> Tuesday --> 6:45pm-7:30pm (With Bonnie)

6. Piloxing--> Saturday--> 9:00am-10:00am (With Bonnie)

7. Strong by Zumba--> Wednesdays--> 6:00pm-7:00pm /Saturdays--> 8:00am-9:00am (With Jason)

8. Martial Arts Fitness--> Monday --> 7:00a to 8:00a / Thursday--> 5:00pm - 5:55pm (With Ray)

9. Gentle Yoga --> Wednesday --> 6:45am - 7:45am

10. Yoga --> Wednesday --> 4:30pm - 5:30pm

11. Empowered --> Saturday --> 8:00am - 9:00a 


Fitness Center Photos

Success Story

At The Mustang Fitness Center, we take pride in every success story! This is just one of the many and we look forward to helping you become successful in your health and fitness goals!




The community and Fitness Center Staff came together for a great cause...helping Veterans!