During the Covid 19 pandemic, CMCC Placement Services are available. 
Please contact:
Liz Oken - eoken@cmcc.edu - (207) 755-5239

Learn more about placement services and your options after Central Maine Community College.  

Events, services and job postings are available to current students and graduates of CMCC.
Start planning your future now!
                  On-Campus Career Events are scheduled each year, for example:
                                 Employer Visits     
                                 Nursing Program Mini Fair    
                                 Teacher Certification Panel Presentation      
                  Services are provided, such as:
                                 Career Advising  
                                 Job Search Strategies
                                 Resume, Cover Letter & Reference Page Assistance
                  Job postings are available through:
                                 On-Campus Bulletin Boards 
                                 CMCC Website - "Community Partner Jobs" section
See Liz Oken in Student Services for more information or call (207) 755-5239, email eoken@cmcc.edu.
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