Proctored Exams for Online or Distance Courses

What is a Proctored Exam?

Some online and distance courses require exams to be proctored. A proctor is an impartial individual approved by Central Maine Community College (CMCC) who can administer, monitor and supervise the exam process following the guidelines provided by CMCC. Proctors have the responsibility of facilitating fairness and academic integrity during testing situations.

How do I Know if I Need a Proctored Exam?

To find out if your course requires proctoring, review the course syllabus. The syllabus will designate the need to take proctored exams and the corresponding dates.

Proctored Exam Options

Students have three options for completing proctored exams:

1.  Come to the CMCC Center for Testing & Assessment

The Center for Testing & Assessment, located in Jalbert Hall, will be available to students who can come to CMCC to take their proctored exams. Each student will be responsible for scheduling the time/date of his/her exams in advance based on a predetermined schedule, which is posted below. Scheduling is first come/first serve; call or email to reserve your desired time.    Phone: 755-5450, Email:

Proctor:            Beginning on August 31, 2020, the CMCC Testing Center will provide in-person testing by appointment only. Remote proctoring via Zoom will be available during mid-terms and finals weeks. Please follow the “How to Set Up” instructions below.                       


Location:           In person testing will take place in the Center for Testing and Assessment in Jalbert Hall on the Auburn campus. Students can be anywhere they have Internet access to take a test via Zoom.


How Remote Proctoring Works:   The CMCC Testing Center will use Zoom to monitor student desktop screens. Students are required to use Zoom and share their screens with the CMCC Testing Center proctor.  The CMCC Testing Center proctors will move students to Zoom “break out rooms” where student desktops will be monitored. Student computers must have a webcam and microphone to access this service. 


Cost:                  Free


How to Set Up: Individual students can schedule in-person or online proctoring via the Testing Center by emailing the and including the following information in their email to the Testing Center:


  1. Student Name
  2. Student ID#
  3. Course Code (BIO-116-01; please include the “N” if it’s an online course)
  4. Term
  5. Instructor's Name
  6. Please indicate remote or in-person appointment.



FALL 2020 TERM: Remote proctored testing appointment times for the fall term are:

Midterms Week of October 19 – October 23:

  • Tuesday, October 20        2pm
  • Wednesday, October 21  2pm, 5pm
  • Thursday, October 22      2pm


Finals Week of December 14 – December 18:

  • Tuesday, December 15                    2pm
  • Wednesday, December 16              2pm, 5pm
  • Thursday, December 17                   2pm


*Additional appointment times may be added at a later date depending on demand for proctored exams.

2. Online Proctoring Through ProctorU

ProctorU ( allows students to take assigned exams securely and completely using almost any web cam. With a computer, web cam and internet access, students can take online exams almost anywhere. ProctorU connects students directly to their proctor via web cam so they can both see and talk to one another. ProctorU can also monitor the student’s computer while he or she completes the exam.

Fee: Students are responsible for any fees associated with ProctorU. The most affordable option may be the Flex Scheduling option, which may start at $25 for a two-hour exam.  The Flex Scheduling option allows students to make their appointment at least 72 hours in advance of their desired day/time within the designated exam period.  Any charges are paid by the student with a credit card through ProctorU.

ProctorU Technical Requirements link –


3. Test with an Approved Off-Site Proctor

Students are responsible to submit an Off-Site Proctor Approval Form at least two weeks prior to the exam date.  The Off-Site Proctor Approval Form is available for download under Handouts on the left. Off-site proctors must meet the following criteria:

  • Proctors should be associated with an academic institution (another college, high school guidance office, Adult Education center)
  • Proctors cannot be coworkers or subordinates, family members, friends, personal tutors, or anyone with a potential conflict of interest
  • Exams must be proctored in a professional setting – not in the student’s or proctor’s home

Return the completed Off-Site Proctor Approval Application to the Center for Testing & Assessment

NOTE: Exams will not be sent to the proctor until the proctor is approved by the Center for Testing & Assessment.

What are the Proctor’s Responsibilities?

  • Proctors must verify the identity of the student with a photo ID such as a driver's license and read all of the exam instructions to the student before he or she begins the exam.
  • Proctors must closely monitor the student until he or she is finished with the exam and ensure the student does not leave the room, except for an emergency.
  • To access an online exam, the proctor will be e-mailed a password link from the instructor. Please do not give the student the password for online exams. The proctor will launch the exam online using the password and will be required to verify that he or she is accepting proctor responsibilities.
  • Students are not allowed to open any browsers or computer files during an online exam, unless otherwise specified. Only paper-copy exams are allowed to be printed; online exams cannot be printed unless specified in the exam instructions.
  • Students cannot take the exam with books, notes, or reference aids of any kind unless specified in the exam instructions. Students cannot take notes about the exam or attempt by any other means (e.g., by using a cell-phone camera or other electronic device) to copy any part of the exam. The student or the proctor cannot print or duplicate the exam in any way.
  • If the student is suspected of cheating, please contact CMCC Academic Affairs as soon as possible at 207-755-5277. 



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