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No experience with a Keanu-like character, but yes I’ve been there with The (Alleged) One(s). You know, you’re right, Jeff. It really blows to have to be the one to say ‘enough is enough.’ I’m more wired to be optimistic, to give people more than one chance and to expect the best of them. But Edlyn, YOU should expect the best and you deserve a chance for a real lasting relationship. Even if you could somehow get this guy back I guarantee you’ll end up in the same place with him down the road. The One ONE will want to be with you, will be willing to work on the relationship and commit. Don’t settle for less.

Sorry to sound a bit emotional, but I know firsthand not being given closure is not nice at all. But you can get beyond it. Focus on other things in your life. It will get better.

Now I need a drink. It’s before noon so coffee will do

feedback from you, 6/18/2020 11:42 AM

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