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There are loads of rumours flying around about Benedict Cumberbatch and Liv Tyler this week. The pair have been seen out and about together and columnists are convinced there’s love in the air. So do these two stars of the screen have what it takes to form a strong relationship?

Benedict is best known for playing Sherlock Holmes on the BBC, but he has some serious acting credibility in the form of various stage performances. He’s recognised as a major talent and a consummate pro. Is that what attracted Liv?

Liv, on the other hand, is a Hollywood beauty so it’s easy to see why Benedict might be interested! She also has the cool factor that comes from being a rock star’s daughter.

They’re both actors so they know all about the way a career on screen affects relationships. This might stand the couple in good stead. Another positive factor is the fact that neither of them have a reputation for courting the camera or getting too involved with the press. They seem to get on with their lives and their work as quietly as they can, given the exposure they inevitable receive.

They’ve both done films and TV stints that display something of a sense of humour and they’re even expected to co-star in a play within the next year. Good working relationships do sometimes lead to great personal relationships.

The signs are good for Benedict and Liv. The level of understanding they may be able to reach given the commitments they both have could stand them in good stead for the future.

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