Drawing Brown Hair Ending in a Ponytail

Caleb Tsai  Thu, 11/10/2016 - 11:43
hair drawing

Hello world, today I decided to practice hair, so i am drawing long hair tied into a neat pony tail. I am exited to results, because I do not draw a lot of hair.

hair sketch

I started sketching the basic shape with a 2b pencil just light enough so you can see it.

Hair sketch section

I then started a part of the hair by coloring the whole part cream. After that I used light brown and drew thin strokes disappearing more as it reaches the middle.  Then I did the same with the darker browns.

hair sketch

I then did that to the other parts of hair I sketched, and started the pony tail with cream and light brown. After that I took black and shaded the darker spots of the hair. Lastly I drew a small section of hair hanging from the top part of the hair.

pony tail sketch

I then continued the same steps as the other hair and shaded it with black.

shirt sketch

Now I started to sketch the shirt, with dark blue on the darker spots.

hair sketch

Lastly I took a light blue colored pencil and drew over the rest of the shirt. Putting less pressure on the lighter spots. Before I drew this picture I thought that hair was just a bunch of lines, but now I know that it can look way better then that. I am pretty happy with these results, but next time I'm going to use really dark brown instead of black.


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