College credit for prior learning can help students avoid having to take courses in subjects they have already mastered. This is especially helpful for adult students who have acquired college-level learning through past work, independent reading and study, employee training programs, in-service courses, volunteer services or other experiences. Earning credit for prior learning saves students both time and tuition dollars in learning a degree.

Central Maine Community College recognizes the value of college-level knowledge students may have acquired outside of the traditional college classroom.

Take a look at how credit for prior learning can help you save time and money toward your college degree. Click here to see how!

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Save Time and Money

Prior Learning is a term used to describe learning that a person acquires outside a traditional academic environment. This learning may have been acquired through work experience, employer training programs, non-credit courses or seminars, and volunteer work.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a term used to describe the process by which an individual's experiential learning is assessed and evaluated for purposes of granting college credit, certification, or advanced standing toward further education.

Prior Learning

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